The Boardroom

Hedge Connection has long been a leader in establishing new technologies for the hedge fund industry, starting with our virtual cap-intro service - matching hedge funds and investors online - at our launch in 2005.

We are now proud to introduce the hedge fund industry's first social database. We are building off all the latest ideas from the services that we now use every day (Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and applying them to the hedge fund industry.

Fund Listings

Each fund listing on the database now has a Follow button and a Followers area.

Clicking Follow will let others know of your interest in the fund. However, it does not mean that you are invested or vouching for a particular fund, it is simply a passive way of sharing your interest. You can see other investors that are Following funds and view their profiles. If the investor shares an investment philosophy similar to your own, you may choose to Follow them as well.

Activity Streams

At the center of the social interactions is the Boardroom. This area contains the activity streams of the funds and investors that you are Following. It is also an area for discovery - find new funds, see what others are saying, participate in the conversation.

The objective of our new social database is to create a better database, a place where ideas are shared and opinions are valued in addition to the quantitative metrics provided by the funds. For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Registration for Hedge Connection is free and simple. Once in, you can view our database 10,000 funds powered by Morningstar. Each fund listing contains a wealth of information on the hedge fund, fund of fund or CTA such as performance, manager bios, fees, marketing materials and more.

Sample Investor Profile


Integral to the Boardroom experience are our Executives. These are professionals in the hedge fund industry, selected by Hedge Connection, to lead the conversation and activity in the Boardroom.

Hedge Connection has a limited number of opportunities for members to be lead the conversation in the Boardroom as our Executives. This is a amazing opportunity to showcase your expertise in the hedge fund industry. Please note, for those interested in applying, special consideration will go to institutional investors. Smaller investors, if they are active in the industry, may participate as can certain service providers.

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