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July 2016

 Public Funds Summit East
Date: July 18 - 20, 2016
Location: Newport Marriott, Newport, RI

Organized By:

Description:  Opal Financial Group's annual public funds conference addresses issues that are critical to the investment success of senior public pension fund officers and trustees in the new millennium. Concerns of funding liabilities for beneficiaries in a world of declining returns yet maintaining a balance between the risk/reward paradigms is center in the mind of many trustees and representatives of pension plans around the country. The exchange of ideas both in and out of the session halls is key in educating and identifying viable alternatives that will address these concerns. We will discuss how surplus returns should affect employee benefit plans; closely examine the processes for selection and evaluation of investment managers.

 Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum
Date: July 18 - 20, 2016
Location: Hyatt Regency Newport, Newport, RI

Organized By:

Description:  As Opal Financial Group's flagship event, The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum has become Opal's largest family office event in the world. Known for its rich history and magnificent mansions, Newport, RI attracts thousands of delegates each year. The voyage begins with an annual Regatta Cup race, giving delegates an opportunity to find their inner competitor, and race across the harbor. In the course of three days, family offices, private investors, and investment managers navigate their way through the choppy waters of the past recession, while continuing to explore the best ways to map out their portfolios. Discussions will cover a wide variety of investment topics including direct investing, impact investing, non-correlated assets, and many more. Come join us this July--the forecast calls for fun, networking, and favorable prospects for preserving your family's wealth.

 PIPS Ops, Accounting & Compliance
Date: July 18 - 19, 2016
Location: The Princeton Club of NY

Organized By:
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Description:  In today's complex fund-management landscape, mastering the art of HOW to do more with less on the operations front is absolutely essential to your fund's overall prosperity. Whether you're a private equity fund or a hedge fund, this conference will equip you with practical tips and techniques on promoting a truly compliant and cost-efficient culture within your fund.

 Wearables TechCon
Date: July 18 - 20, 2016
Location: San Jose Convention Center, CA

Organized By:
BZ Events
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Description:  Wearables TechCon, July 18-20 in San Jose, focuses on both the hardware and software behind the coming generation of wearable technology. Classes and tutorials in the TechCon tracks will focus on embedded computing, hardware design, sensors, and physical technology, while tracks in the DevCon portion will focus on programming apps and mastering the SDKs of the next wave of computing devices - 2,500 attendees. The highlighted applications will be smart fabrics, healthcare, sports/fitness, smart watches and AR.

 IFRS Accounting Update 2016
Date: July 19 - 21, 2016
Location: Accra, Ghana

Organized By:

Description:  2015 saw the culmination of a set of core projects undertaken by the IASB with the publication of IFRS 16 - Leasing. Together, with its new standard on revenue, IFRS 15 and completion of its work on financial instruments, IFRS 9, these Standards become mandatory over the next two-three years and will have far reaching consequences on reported results. Companies will need to carefully consider the impact of these new Standards and whether to utilize any of the optional transitional and other reliefs available to them. Furthermore, the IASB has continued to release improvements to other standards.

 Integrated Project Control
Date: July 20 - 22, 2016
Location: Makati, Philippines

Organized By:
Salvo Global

Description:  Learning Objectives:

*Understand the criticality of integrated control

*Determine the appropriate metrics for the project

*Be able to control scope, schedule, and cost in an integrated process

 Alternative Investment Consultants Summit
Date: July 21, 2016
Location: Hyatt Regency Greenwich, CT

Organized By:
AIM Summit

Description:  This summit will allow you to hear from institutional investors, consultants, and family offices on how to develop new business opportunities with institutional investors. Listen to investors on what they expect from their asset managers. Learn about the screening criteria for selecting managers, how to get into searches without the RFP process and how hedge funds can differentiate themselves with consultants.