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August 2016

 Mastering Pump Operation, Maintenance, and Efficiency
Date: August 1 - 3, 2016
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Organized By:
Salvo Global

Description:  Learning Objectives:

*Troubleshoot the most critical pump problems

*Revisiting the fundamentals of pumps to avoid costly mistakes from the start

*Analyze pump's cost with the aim to maintain its cost-effectiveness

 IFRS Accounting Update 2016
Date: August 3 - 5, 2016
Location: Singapore, Maylasia

Organized By:

Description:  2015 saw the culmination of a set of core projects undertaken by the IASB with the publication of IFRS 16 - Leasing. Together, with its new standard on revenue, IFRS 15 and completion of its work on financial instruments, IFRS 9, these Standards become mandatory over the next two-three years and will have far reaching consequences on reported results. Companies will need to carefully consider the impact of these new Standards and whether to utilize any of the optional transitional and other reliefs available to them. Furthermore, the IASB has continued to release improvements to other standards.

 Project Financial Modelling
Date: August 22 - 25, 2016
Location: Singapore, Maylasia

Organized By:
Infocus International

Description:  Today, Financial Modelling is uniquely challenging. Even the most carefully structured deals can face difficulties in attracting sufficient funding from international and local investors. More than ever, project developers, equipment suppliers, bankers and other credit agencies and investors must be properly equipped to analyse and explain the risks and prospects for a project's future performance.
Therefore, this course is designed to help delegates build a financial model to best practice standards for project finance. The general logic and overall approach will be demonstrated; then you will step through developing a model: handling inputs, building detailed calculations and creating final outputs. You will then learn how to sensitise the model to understand how changes in assumptions affect the business results and viability.

 Private Investment Fund, Operations and Compliance Forum West
Date: August 25 - 26, 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA

Organized By:
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Description:  Due to the great success of our inaugural Private Investment Fund Operations and Compliance Forum West, we're thrilled to be bringing this event back to San Francisco! Whether you're a private equity fund, venture capital fund or a hedge fund, this conference will equip you with practical tips and techniques on promoting a truly compliant and cost-efficient culture within your fund.

 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Date: August 30 - September 1, 2016
Location: Johannesburg

Organized By:
Infocus International

Description:  There are many moving pieces affecting the future of electric power development in emerging market. Unlike the past Independent Power Project models, which featured standardised take-or-pay contracts - today's market demands more innovative incentives to ensure better availability, better performance, as well as more attractive and sustainable mixtures of fuel sources. Economies throughout Africa urgently need to master the key tools, models, and lessons learned for transforming and strengthening today's electricity sector. These include the latest models in negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in designing and managing new competitive power markets, as well as attracting the right mix of renewable energy sources.