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August 2014

 Ship Energy Management in Practice
Date: August 4 - 5, 2014
Location: Singapore City, Singapore

Organized By:
InVida Events

Description:  In a competitive market dominated by rising oil prices and stringent environmental regulations, the issue of ship fuel management and energy efficiency has received a high priority in recent years. With the fuel cost forming about 40 to 70% of a ship's total operational costs, the anticipated future rise in fuel costs due to incoming SOx and NOx regulations and the ever tightening regulations on ship energy efficiency; all have moved many world class shipping companies to take a strategic view of ship energy management as a way of not only reducing their costs but also promoting their environmental image.

This course will aim to demonstrate - via provision of sound fundamentals, case studies and practical exercises - that effective reduction of fuel cost and a ship's GHG emissions is a real possibility. It will advocate a combination of design optimisation, bestpractice ship management processes, in-service performance monitoring and benchmarking as well as continuous improvement via effective use of management systems. The course will also bring you up to date on relevant MARPOL Annex VI requirements and compliance issues as well as the IMO future plan of actions in these areas.

 Financial Principles in the Oil & Gas Industry
Date: August 6 - 8, 2014
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Organized By:

Description:  The drive for optimal efficiency and the need to provide returns on national assets goes on in the Oil &Gas sector. The pressure is always on to create value for shareholders, governments and stakeholders alike. The critical allocation and use of resources is the key to the success of any organization and a mastery of the language of Finance and Accounting helps organizations to manage their resources as efficiently as possible.

The concept of comparative advantage is similar area of interest that financial and non financial employees must understand: familiarization with and application of financial terms and methods is vital here. In this Master Class, we develop an externally focused view of O&G sector companies as we learn how to use financial and qualitative analyses of the published financial statements of a wide variety of organizations.

 HFA Symposium: Raising Money from U.S. Investors in Brazil
Date: August 12, 2014
Location: Sao Paulo, Spain

Organized By:
Hedge Fund Association

Description:  What key provisions do U.S. institutional investors look for when considering whether to invest in a private fund sponsored by a Brazilian investment manager? The panelists will discuss what institutional investors look for (including fee terms, fund expenses, liquidity, key man provisions and valuation) and why. They will also address typical structures for U.S. institutional investors, including master-feeder and mini-master structures, the tax reasons why investors prefer certain structures, and related regulatory considerations