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September 2014

 Petroleum Contracts
Date: September 22 - 23, 2014
Location: Singapore City, Singapore

Organized By:
InVida Events

Description:  Petroleum contracts vary greatly in details but key points still revolve around how profits are shared and how costs are treated. Contracts may lead to a loss when not negotiated and framed properly. The parties involved including companies, contractors, and government must protect themselves against possible losses. Negotiating and implementing contract terms require skillful bargaining and understanding contracts. In this course, the foundation of petroleum contracts (ie, English Contract Law), the different types of contracts, and how these contracts are applied are covered.

 Private Investment Funds Due Diligence Summit
Date: September 22 - 23, 2014
Location: The Princeton Club, New York

Organized By:
Financial Research Associates
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Description:  An insider-only event that will bring together investors, and industry leaders in hedge funds and private equity funds to address current and future trends in due diligence. Plus, new this year: post-conference workshop on private equity due diligence with information on the SEC and new enforcement actions, management fees, and valuation.

 Global AgInvesting Asia
Date: September 23 - 25, 2014
Location: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

Organized By:
High Quest Partners

Description:  Global AgInvesting, the world's premier agriculture investment conference series, returns to Singapore, September 23-25, 2014 for the fourth annual Global AgInvesting Asia conference at the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

In 2013, close to three hundred allocators, fund managers, and industry executives came together to discuss the burgeoning asset class of agriculture and its surrounding themes. This conference helped to solidify and grow the community of thought leaders who believe in the strong fundamentals of agriculture and are committed to putting real money to work in the space. This year, the discussion and education will continue on global markets, regional risk and return profiles, crop specifics, liquid vs. illiquid strategies, the major role of water, an exploration of new technologies and much more.

 2nd Real Estate Private Equity Summit: Europe
Date: September 23, 2014
Location: Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Organized By:
iGlobal Forum

Description:  iGlobal Forum is pleased to announce the 2nd Real Estate Private Equity Summit: Europe, which will take place on 23rd September in London. As the economy shows signs of recovery, domestic and overseas investors are moving back into European real estate private equity. But the shape of the market and the nature of the risks involved are changing. There is markedly less demand for long-term capital flows, and many investors are scrutinising their managers with intensive due diligence. Increased competition and impending regulatory developments are creating a shift in the debt markets, and with so much liquidity chasing limited supply, many managers are looking to peripheral markets to deliver returns.

The 2nd Real Estate Private Equity Summit: Europe will offer an in-depth understanding into the trends that are affecting pricing, the role that leverage should play in your real estate investments, and in which regions and asset classes you will find the best risk-adjusted returns. Join us and network with senior-level representatives from the real estate industry's largest investors, private equity firms, asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, distressed debt firms, lawyers, investment consultants, owners and developers.

 HFA Fall 2014 Idea Dinner
Date: September 24, 2014
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Organized By:
Hedge Fund Association

Description:  Come and join your fellow investment professionals for a night of ideas, prognostications, food, and drink.

There are two flights, the live and the silent. In order to be considered for the grand prize you must present your idea in a 3 minute pitch to your fellow professionals. A winner will be chosen for best pitch that evening and at the next dinner there will be another prize for the best performer. The other option is to send in your idea ahead of time and you will only be eligible for the performance prize.

 Wearable Technology Conference 2014
Date: September 25, 2014
Location: New York City, NY

Organized By:
Golden Networking

Description:  The future is here, with the production of a new generation of technologies such as Google Glass, Apple "iWatch" and Samsung Galaxy Gear, among others, that will allow users to interact with computing devices that are worn by the bearer under, with or on top of clothing. The introduction of smart watches and glasses bring upon economic, social and personal effects that will revolutionize the human experience.

  MLP Investing Conference 2014
Date: September 26, 2014
Location: New York City, NY

Organized By:
Hedge Fund Association

Description:  The Great American Energy Boom that has allowed access to seas of shale oil and gas is now at the forefront of America's economic recovery and provides the best reason to be optimistic about the United States economic, energy, and geopolitical future. To accomplish these worthy goals, the country requires thousands of storage tanks and miles of new pipelines which are expected to ring $640 billion through 2035.