Silverman Speech Consulting

30 minutes is a short time to pitch your fund. A bad impression lasts a lifetime. If you want to stand out for all the right reasons, contact Stephanie Silverman at Silverman Speech Consulting to arrange individual/team coaching sessions to polish your pitch and gain the interest your fund deserves.

Stephanie Silverman is an Executive Coach for public speaking and all areas of spoken communication.
Both a public speaker and speaker trainer, Stephanie provides highly effective communication coaching services to a clientele of global executives working in a diverse range of industries. She provides one-on-one support for foreign executives working in the US to increase intelligibility in American English and to adapt to American executive culture.

Stephanie was raised in San Francisco and earned her MFA from Rutgers University. She has been working as a performer and voice/speech/presentation coach for more than fifteen years. In addition to her individual practice she partners with top global executive coaching/leadership development firms.

Special Hedge Connection 15% Price Break on Coaching Services from now until the weekend of the Global Fund Forum. Coaching will also be available on site during the event. Space will be limited, so reserve your spot early!

Meyler Capital

The written word cannot capture the passion and conviction that you have for your investment strategy in the same way as the spoken word. According to Forrester researcher Dr. James L. McQuivey, one minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words!

A video enables you to present more information, in a more digestible form than the traditional marketing deck, allowing you to more effectively market your fund. At Meyler Capital, we create engaging messaging and sophisticated marketing to help you differentiate yourself from your com petition. This includes videos, websites, marketing decks and other brand development tools to build your credibility and accelerate asset growth. As a proud partner of Hedge Connection and. sponsor of the Global Fund Forum, Meyler Capital is excited to offer the first 30 managers a free video "trailer" to incorporate into their Hedge Connection profile and for use in promoting their funds.

HS Marketing

Are you achieving success in efforts to be heard, seen and understood? Does your Communication AlphaTM need a tune-up? As a Global Fund Forum participant, you may receive a complimentary evaluation of your marketing tool kit during a 30-minute private session onsite. Bring your pitch book, website, 1-2 page summary and press release. Contact Holly at to reserve your time during the conference.

Holly Singer is president of HS Marketing a specialty marketing communications, public relations and media planning firm serving the alternative investment community. Since 1994 inception, her firmís work has enabled numerous clients to be heard, seen and understood.

Holly has led multiple industry initiatives. She served as a founding board member and officer of the Mid-Atlantic Hedge Fund Association (MAHFA), and, for many years, served as editor of Managed Funds Associationís MFA Reporter. Holly has contributed articles for various publications and spoken at numerous seminars and conferences on hedge fund marketing, public relations, developing compelling presentations, branding and marketing communications overall.