Launch Services

Launching a hedge fund can be a daunting, expensive endeavor…and mistakes made at launch tend to cost much more to fix later.

Hedge Connection assists new hedge fund managers to identify the right service provider partners and offers comprehensive marketing and investor targeting services to get out of the gate efficiently and in a strong position to attract outside capital.

Launch Services Include:

Online Investor Access

  • Emerging Manager Package – Access to emerging manager investors, preloaded in your account
  • Receive access to 50 investors in early stage managers including seeding firms, family offices and fund of funds.
  • Build relationships with active hedge fund allocators through Hedge Connection’s events and online access.
  • Participate in Hedge Connection's annual private cap-intro event and network with alternative industry professionals.

Marketing Support: In association with HS Marketing, LLC

  • All the marketing infrastructure for the institutional marketplace
  • All Logo and materials design – from business cards to websites
  • Message development -- all marketing collateral including presentations, 1-page factsheets, investor letters
  • Presentation training – be ready to go to market with a clear, succinct explanation of your strategy
  • Professional website design, creation

Service Provider Partners

  • Advice and counsel to choose the right partners
  • Identifying the right service provider partners is critical to the success of your business.
  • Our experience and broad network will help you identify the right partners for your strategy and separate fact from sales pitch.
  • Leverage the Hedge Connection network to identify prime brokers, administrators and law firms that understand your strategy, structure and vision
  • Mismatches early on are costly – let Hedge Connection help you make the right decisions

Contact us to learn more about our launch services – and 212-537-6152 ext. 302.