Hedge Connection – Marketing Tool Kit

Lasting Impressions by HS Marketing, LLC

Building your brand identity requires an effective message and packaging.

  • Successful branding is becoming an increasingly important and integral component of long-term investor relationships. Building a brand requires an integrated process: creating distinct qualities and articulating your value proposition. As a fund manager, your objective is to differentiate your firm and make your product(s) and services unique to the target audience.
  • Investors are increasingly raising the bar for sophisticated communication from managers. They expect a compelling storyline and professional packaging. Your message should concisely describe your capabilities in key areas:
  • Your business
  • Your team
  • Your edge
  • Your strategy & process
  • Your performance
  • Your product(s)
  • Moreover, effective verbal delivery of your message is critical to successful relationship development.
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Your web presence provides a critical communications portal.

  • Given the reality of an increasingly digital 24/7 marketplace, your firm’s web site provides a critical point of contact and should be structured as a robust communications portal. Whether you plan to create or upgrade your web presence, your site should maximize ROI by accomplishing the following goals:
  • Deliver an informative message;
  • Provide for fresh content that can be easily updated;
  • Reinforce your branding;
  • Take advantage of visibility opportunities;
  • Comply with regulatory restrictions.
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Your outsource for marketing communications:

  • Founded in 1994, HS Marketing, LLC is dedicated to the alternative investment community. We collaborate closely with our clients to achieve marketing communications objectives.
  • Numerous investment managers and service providers have engaged us to provide a variety of services on a turnkey and ŕ la carte basis.
  • Positioning and branding advice
  • Market insights
  • Message development
  • Corporate identity design
  • Marketing collateral
  • Website solutions
  • Investor relations tools
  • Presentation coaching
  • Niche visibility/public relations opportunities
  • Our client roster ranges from small start-up businesses to large established organizations: CTAs, hedge funds, funds of funds and service providers to the alternative investment community. The investment manager clients reflect a wide range of investment and/or trading strategies.
  • What differentiates HS Marketing LLC is a combination of specialization and creativity, deliberately focused within a niche of the investment community. Our clients generally engage us based on our industry expertise and deep knowledge base. This is our edge, enabling us to jumpstart our working relationships, provide a highly customized approach to each project and facilitate the entire process of business collaboration.

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