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Patented Online Platform Successfully Leverages Hedge Fund Marketing Changes Mandated by the JOBS Act

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Hedge Connection sees membership growth double in the last six months.

April 2, 2014, NEW YORK, NY - Hedge Connection, the hedge fund industry's leading matchmaker, has announced that in the six months since the SEC lifted the ban on hedge fund advertising, the firm's membership growth has doubled. Hedge Connection's patented online platform, with its suite of modern social tools built to facilitate networking within the hedge fund industry, has seen its registrations rise from both managers and allocators.

"The lifting of the ban on advertising has leveled the playing field for hedge funds," commented Hedge Connection CEO Lisa Vioni. "We believe that our site growth is directly correlated to this change in law as mandated by the JOBS Act because the level of accessible information has improved dramatically. Hedge funds can no longer hide behind a cloak of secrecy and use the excuse that they risk losing their private placement status if they discuss certain issues during early investor meetings. As a result, mediocre funds will be more easily identified while the great funds will shine," she added.

"Last June we received a patent for our methodology of matching hedge funds and investors online. In September the SEC lifted the 80-year-old ban on hedge fund advertising, the timing could not have been better," said co-founder Rob Arthurs. "This is a new era for the industry and Hedge Connection is working hard to build out great new features for our members that will take advantage of the opportunities the change in regulations provides."

For managers of private investment programs, Hedge Connection helps them resolve the dual challenges of a highly competitive fundraising process and daunting regulatory constraints by providing a secure, compliant and centralized communication hub for their critical marketing information including profiles, performance reports, return/risk statistics, marketing documents, investor letters and white papers. Moreover, Hedge Connection offerings extend far beyond a database to an interactive socialized ecosystem in which managers' activity updates may be tagged, shared and followed via Hedge Connection's Boardroom where the valuable online socialization among managers, investors and selected thought leaders occurs. Fund managers from around the world are joining the Hedge Connection platform daily.

Investors worldwide use Hedge Connection to source managers, dynamically follow their progress in real time, gain access to a library of managers' investor letters, arrange one-on-one meetings and streamline the overall communication process. Fund of funds, family offices, endowments and foundations, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, private banks, various asset allocators and investment consultants are increasingly discovering how Hedge Connection enables them to align their investment mandates and search criteria with managers on the platform.

About Hedge Connection Hedge Connection has grown to become the most widely recognized and innovative marketing solution for the hedge fund industry. Our online fund database is powered by Morningstar and provides investors with access to over 7,000 hedge funds, fund of funds and CTAs.

The Boardroom, our industry leading online community, is woven into the fabric of our fund database and facilitates relationship building, networking, and free-flow of information. Hedge Connection's online ecosystem is complemented by our premier one-on-one networking events. Since 2005, investors and hedge funds have participated in Hedge Connection related events, resulting in thousands of direct meetings. Hedge Connection is a recipient of US patent 8,468,078 for its methodology of connecting hedge funds and investors online.

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