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Hedge Connection Offers Hundreds of Thousands of Financial Apps, Information, Reports to Customers

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Latest Addition to the AIREX Market Partner Program is the Alternative Investment Industry's Patented Platform for Connecting Investment Managers with Asset Allocators   New York - December 3, 2015 - Airex, Inc. announced today that Hedge Connection has joined the Airex Market Partner (AMP) Program, a global service that gives companies their own customized, curated, and co-branded AIREX Markets. These AMP markets allow partners like Hedge Connection to offer their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees a large and growing assortment of financially actionable applications, information, and reports (Financial AIR™). Hedge Connection is a platform that connects hedge funds and investors online and through events. The new partnership allows Hedge Connection to provide an entire turnkey marketplace of Financial AIR™ to its thousands of members through its website, alongside its huge hedge fund database and library of user-contributed information. "The AIREX Market is an excellent complement to Hedge Connection and our existing offerings like the Capital Club," said Hedge Connection co-founder, Rob Arthurs. "Our members are always looking to find new information that can help them attain superior investment returns. By seamlessly integrating the Airex Market within our platform, we are able to offer a vast array of financial products alongside our fund database and other services." Hedge Connection has been awarded two US patents for its business methodology of matching hedge funds and allocators online. "It is great to have Hedge Connection in our growing roster of Airex Market Partners," said Airex, Inc. CEO Stephen Kuhn. "Hedge Connection is an innovative marketplace that is using new technology to match investors with valuable information on investment opportunities. The AIREX Markets do something similar, providing investors with mission-critical applications, information, and reports to assist with their investment decisions." Clients of Hedge Connection can access the Hedge Connection / AMP marketplace upon logging into their account. Learn more about theAIREX Market Partner (AMP) Program or sign up to become a Airex vendor or customer. Contact: Airex, inc. Kelsey Crouch Director of Marketing and Communications Tel: 646-661-2020 ext. 106 Email: Follow us on Twitter: @AIREXmarket LinkedIn: Facebook: About AIREX™ Market Airex, Inc. produces AIREX Markets, which are independent, cloud-based marketplaces that offer financially actionable apps, information, and reports (Financial AIR™) from a large and growing list of vendors globally. Through its Airex Market Partner (AMP) program, Airex powers companies across the globe, giving their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees access to a customized online marketplace of Financial AIR, to drive partners' revenues and profits while increasing customer engagement and retention. Buyers in the AIREX Markets get financial information that they couldn't access before, couldn't afford, or didn't even know existed - instantly and conveniently, with no salespeople, no contracts to negotiate, and no attorney's fees. Vendors generate new revenues, monetize existing products, and generate higher margins in new market segments that they cannot cost-effectively reach today. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. About Hedge Connection Launched in 2005, Hedge Connection is a patented marketing platform for alternative investment managers as well as a robust information portal for accredited investors. Efficiently combining virtual introductions with live meetings, Hedge Connection has grown to become the most widely recognized and innovative, yet compliant, marketing solution of its kind for the hedge fund industry. Watch the Hedge Connection video here and follow us on Twitter: @hedgeconnection.