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Hedge Connection is a leading independent provider of investor-intro events and networking opportunities for hedge fund managers and allocators. Our portfolio includes the Champagne Investor Roundtables, Meet the Manager Forums, and the annual Global Fund Forum. Additionally, Hedge Connection will host events exclusively for our members and partner with service providers to offer networking and informational sessions. We are media partners with hundreds of third party conferences and our team often attends events in the New York area.

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Hedge Connection Events

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Global Fund Forum

The Global Fund Forum is the industry's premier one-on-one networking event. The annual event takes place in June and is dedicated to connecting managers with investors.

The one-on-one meetings are arranged prior to the Forum, on the Hedge Connection website, using our proprietary scheduling technology. At the event the meetings are held in private Forum Suites. In the months leading up to the event, Hedge Connection leverages its platform to promote participating managers and sponsors out to its network.

We have created a wonderful agenda around the meetings that includes high profile speakers, cocktail parties, and nighttime entertainment.

Visit www.globalfundforum.com for more information.

Global Fund Forum
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Below are some kind words from our inaugural event in June 2014.

"I have been to many conferences and this was one of the best. It was very well attended, well organized, and efficiently run. This was an excellent and worthwhile investor-manager summit."

Stephane Azra, Glazer Capital Management

"We attended the inaugural GFF hedge fund conference in June 2014 and judged it to have been a very positive experience overall and a very effective marketing/sales opportunity for our firm. The quality of the meetings was second to none - of the 16 one-on-one investor meetings on our schedule, 13 have provided solid sales leads. This hit-ratio is higher than we've experienced at larger, competing events. Organizer Lisa Vioni is to be commended for a super job"

James I Almuli, Kawa Capital Mgt

"Thank you again for all your stellar efforts to make the GFF a success. We had a good conference and have a number of prospects to follow up with - that's good news. Just wanted you to know you did a great job. Event planning is a lot harder than it looks, and you pulled it off without a wrinkle...and by the way, we all loved the app. Seriously, that was awesome and I don't overuse that word!"

Andrea Hauserman, Shaker Investments