Deal Ring

Deal Ring is our Shark Tank style event where fund managers pitch to a panel of allocators that we call Ringmasters. The managers hope to land a meeting with a Ringmaster to discuss their fund for a potential allocation. The managers will be coached by Jim Rosebush prior to making their pitch. The audience will vote for their favorite manager using our mobile application with the Audience Choice Award going to the winner.

Please note that Deal Ring will be held offsite at the RSM Headquarters on the afternoon of October 24. Access to Deal Ring is limited to Full Two Day event passholders.


Participating managers will be coached by James Rosebush, Former Deputy Assistant to Ronald Reagan and Chief of Staff to the First Lady. This valuable session will utilize Mr. Rosebush's knowledge, and give the managers the skills and confidence to make their presentation in front of the panel of allocator judges, the Ringmasters.

Mr. Rosebush is the CEO of GrowthStrategy, a firm dedicated to both advising Family Offices on wealth management and providing coaching and training to leaders for effective crisis communication and public speaking.

The coaching session will focus on Mr. Rosebush's 7 Keys to a Perfect Pitch, where he develops the techniques required to make a winning pitch.


The Deal Ring will feature managers of various strategies.

The managers will have 5 minutes to make their presentation. During this time they will make their case for their strategy utilizing the teachings from their session with Mr. Rosebush.

After the presentation, the Ringmasters have 10 minutes to ask questions of the manager. The Ringmasters will then be asked whether or not they are interested in following up with the manager, or passing.


We are excited to bring audience participation into the presentations. Using the Global Fund Forum 2018 mobile app, members of the audience can vote for their favorite manager. Following the presentations, the electronic votes will be tallied and the Audience Choice Award will be handed out to the winner.

Manager Participation

Deal Ring at GFF2019 will be limited to 6 managers. Participating managers receive a coaching session from James Rosebush and a presentation slot in front of our panel of allocators (Ringmasters). Contact us at for pricing.


Irwin Latner

"The Global Fund Forum was a valuable event to attend. As a delegate I was able to exchange business cards with many meaningful prospective fund clients. Table Talks was interesting and well attended. The signature Deal Ring was not only fun to watch, it was also very informative. Lisa and Rob are tremendous hosts, very accessible and always helpful."

-Scott Ree

Director of Marketing and Client Service, First Light Asset Management